Changes to DVLA driving licence checks.

Courtesy loan cars, extended test drives and accompanied test drives.

The DVLA has changed the way the driving licence works in the UK. From 8 June 2015, the DVLA has stopped issuing the paper part of the licence and will hold data previously detailed on the paper counterpart on their new online system.

The photocard will still be used to verify your identity and show that you are in possession of a licence. All further details, such as the type of vehicles you can drive and any restrictions or endorsements will be stored online. This is the case even for people who have the paper only licence issued before 1998.

If you wish to use a vehicle that does not belong to you, such as a Courtesy loan car or a car for test drive, you will need to provide verification of your licence status for insurance purposes. To do this you will need to log on to the DVLA website where you can input your details and generate a code that allows a third party to check this information. Each code is valid for a maximum of 72 hours and can only be used once.

Therefore, up to 72 hours before a Courtesy loan or test drive car booking (and not before), you should access the DVLA website at: to generate your code. To do so you will need to have:

a) The photocard part of your driving licence (or full paper counterpart if pre-1998)

b) Your National Insurance number

c) Your postcode

Follow the instructions on the website and an 8 digit code will be generated.

If you have any problems with the website or accessing the code, please contact the DVLA directly on 0300 790 6801 (Monday to Friday 8am to 7pm, Saturday 8am to 2pm). For more information please follow the link to a YouTube video which offers assistance with this process

Once you have this 8 digit code, it can be used to verify your licence. We recommend that you print it off and send it to the person you are dealing with at the dealership, and we will add it to your appointment booking. Remember to also bring the code with you on the day, along with your driving licence photocard and your National Insurance number (we don't need your NI card, just the 9 digit number), in case there are any issues and a new code needs to be generated.

If you have any problems with his process, please feel free to bring all the information (a, b and c detailed above) with you when you come to visit us and we will try to generate the code and carry out the check while you are with us.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause, but unfortunately this is the only way we can now legally check your driving licence for restrictions or endorsements. This will be a similar process should you need to hire a vehicle from a hire company.

Please note:

- Without a valid 8 digit code generated from the DVLA within 72 hours of your drive (or if you don't bring the correct information for us to do it on your behalf on the day), we are unable to carry out the necessary checks and you will not be able to drive with us
- If you hold a non-UK driving licence, you do not need to follow this process, but you will still need to present your full driving licence on the day of your drive

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.