New Audi RS4 Avant Nogaro - Limited Edition

A decade after the first RS models hit the road and the world's first Avant in the high-performance sports car segment- the Audi RS2, Audi launched the anniversary edition Audi RS4 Avant Nogaro.

We are proud to have the exclusive RS4 Nogaro blue model at our dealership in Epsom.

The RS4 Avant Nogaro boasts the Nogaro blue, pearl effect customised paint finish along with a punchy 4.2litre V8 engine with 331kW and FSI direct fuel injection and high-rev concept.

This new model is more elite, more agile and even more exciting. The standard interior equipment is accentuated by the distinct blue stitching along with carbon and blue thread inlays. The logo adorns the door trims, selector lever and piping on the floor mats.

Experience the fascination of the RS4 Nogaro for yourself, call us today, speak to our friendly team via our Live Chat to make your appointment.