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Blue Light Offer Programme Offers

Drift Bridge Honda have a variety of offers available, to find out more about the complete list of discounts and brand new Honda models available for you at Drift Bridge Honda in Gatwick and Redhill, contact us at one of the phone numbers available on the page or fill in an online enquiry form and a team member will be in touch shortly.

Honda Jazz

Model Retail PriceBlue Light PriceSaving
1.3 S I-VTEC MAN£14,360.00£11,528.1521.0%
1.3 SE I-VTEC MAN£15,860.00£12,713.1521.0%
1.3 EX I-VTEC MAN£17,360.00£13,898.1521.0%
1.3 S I-VTEC CVT£15,440.00£12,377.1521.0%
1.3 SE I-VTEC CVT£16,960.00£13,582.1521.0%
1.3 EX I-VTEC CVT£18,460.00£14,767.1521.0%

Honda Civic ​

ModelRetail PriceBlue Light PriceSaving
1.6 SE I-DTEC MAN£20,245.00£16,678.2518.5%
1.6 SR I-DTEC MAN£22,090.00£18,183.1218.5%
1.6 EX I-DTEC MAN£24,950.00£20,515.0018.5%
1.6 SR I-DTEC AUTO£23,760.00£19,552.6718.5%
1.6 EX I-DTEC AUTO£26,620.00£21,884.7718.5%
1.0 SE VTEC TURBO MAN£19,100.00£15,908.3217.5%
1.0 SR VTEC TURBO MAN£20,945.00£17,431.6517.5%
1.0 EX VTEC TURBO MAN£23,805.00£19,792.3517.5%
1.0 SE VTEC TURBO CVT£20,500.00£17,069.3217.5%
1.0 SR VTEC TURBO CVT£22,345.00£18,592.6517.5%
1.0 EX VTEC TURBO CVT£25,205.00£20,953.3517.5%
1.5 SPORT VTEC TURBO MAN£23,540.00£19,585.6217.5%
1.5 PRESTIGE VTEC TURBO MAN£27,155.00£22,570.4017.5%
1.5 SPORT VTEC TURBO CVT £24,980.00£20,784.2217.5%
1.5 PRESTIGE VTEC TURBO CVT£28,590.00£23,764.8717.5%

Honda Civic Type R

ModelRetail PriceBlue Light PriceSaving
2.0 TYPE RVTEC TURBO£31,495.00£31,525.000%
2.0 TYPE R GT VTEC TURBO £33,495.00£33,525.000%

Honda CR-V

ModelRetail PriceBlue Light PriceSaving
2.0 SE PLUS 4WD I-VTEC MAN£27,680.00£21,298.3524.5%
2.0 SE PLUS NAVI 4WD I-VTEC MAN£28,290.00£21,758.9024.5%
2.0 SR 4WD I-VTEC MAN£30,665.00£23,552.0224.5%
2.0 EX 4WD I-VTEC MAN £32,550.00£24,975.2024.5%
2.0 SE PLUS 4WD I-VTEC AUTO£29,180.00£22,430.8524.5%
2.0 SE PLUS NAVI 4WD I-VTEC AUTO£29,790.00£22,891.4024.5%
2.0 SR 4WD I-VTEC AUTO£32,165.00£24,684.5224.5%
2.0 EX 4WD I-VTEC AUTO £34,050.00£26,107.7024.5%
1.6 SR 4WD I-DTEC MAN£32,615.00£24,939.3724.50%
1.6 EX 4WD I-DTEC MAN £34,500.00£26,364.9524.50%
1.6 SR 4WD I-DTEC AUTO £34,265.00£26,194.7224.50%
1.6 EX 4WD I-DTEC AUTO £36,150.00£27,604.7024.50%

Honda HR-V

ModelRetail PriceBlue Light PriceSaving
1.5 S I-VTEC MAN £19,555.00£16,192.6018.0%
1.5 SE I-VTEC MAN £21,660.00£17,925.9018.0%
1.5 SE NAVI I-VTEC MAN£22,270.00£18,426.1018.0%
1.5 EX I-VTEC MAN £25,275.00£20,890.2018.0%
1.5 SE I-VTEC CVT £22,870.00£18,910.9018.0%
1.5 SE NAVI I-VTEC CVT£23,480.00£19,411.1018.0%
1.5 EX I-VTEC CVT£26,485.00£21,875.2018.0%
1.6 S I-DTEC MAN £21,305.00£17,627.6018.0%
1.6 SE I-DTEC MAN£23,500.00£19,427.5018.0%
1.6 SE NAVI I-DTEC MAN£24,110.00£19,927.7018.0%
1.6 EX I-DTEC MAN£27,115.00£22,391.8018.0%