Upgrade Your Honda Sat Nav

Update your Honda Eu-Map on your Sat Nav for just £145*

There's no better time to upgrade your European Honda Sat Nav. With thousands of updates made to it every year, the latest version means you can enjoy driving through Europe knowing you'll get to exactly where you want to be. The latest version will save time and money on your planned excursion. Not to mention tracking down maps, guessing the way or testing your language skills.

Honda Jazz Satellite Navigation

One of the perks of modern driving has to be the abundance of technology now available, with satellite navigation capabilities allowing you to get from A to B with ease. The Honda Jazz benefits from Honda Connect, an infotainment system designed to keep you entertained, connected and informed out on the road. Integrating efficient and visually impressive Garmin technology, it’s now easier than ever to plan your route without wasting time or taking wrong turns.

Honda Connect has a personalised home screen with various options including Navigation, Phone, Info, Audio, Settings and more. Of course, when it comes to finding your way, choosing Navigation is the right option. With this, you can explore the unknown before taking a short-cut home thanks to state-of-the-art, turn-by-turn navigation. So how can you use this feature?

  • Start the car, then press the Home button on the touchscreen followed by Navigation.
  • If there’s a map from a previous journey, just press the back arrow.
  • To enter a new destination, select Where To? followed by Enter Search. Type in the address you want to go to then select Go followed by Start New Route.
  • If you want to enter an additional stop before reaching your final destination, press the back arrow. You then need to press Where To? and Enter Search. Type in the address of the en-route stop. Select Add to Active Route.
  • To cancel your route, just select the red cross.
  • To add your home address, follow this path: Where To? Go Home, Enter My Address.
  • To add an address to your ‘favourites’ list, select Address, type in an address and press the ‘i’ icon, then select the Menu Icon and press Save.

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