Why Go Electric? Here at Drift Bridge, helping you make the switch from combustion engine to all-electric and hybrid performance is easy. We offer all you need to know and one of the very best selections of electric and hybrid cars around. Learn more today.

Our Hybrid & Electric Range

We’re delighted to be able to provide you with a host of models from those marques that we represent here at Drift Bridge, with plenty to choose from from the Audi, Honda, Mazda and Volkswagen lineups.


    The benefits of buying electric

    Switching from petrol or diesel power to all-electric motoring brings with it a host of advantages. Not only are you ahead of the game when it comes to driving the very latest in automotive design, but you’re also playing an integral role in reducing harmful CO2 emissions found in the atmosphere. With the UK government aiming to cease trade of fuel powered models by 2035, it’s also a great time to make the change. What’s more, you have the benefit of improved fuel economy and reduced maintenance costs, with government grants supporting purchases and road tax often free of charge.

    Key benefits

    • Cost effective and fuel efficient
    • Powerful performance and instant torque
    • Lower CO2 emissions
    • Government grants to support buying



      All-electric models are powered solely by the battery in the vehicle. This battery - usually a lithium-ion battery - requires charging at a suitable home or public charging point. With zero CO2 emissions and impressive range, they are the most economical option around.


      Mild hybrid models feature both a petrol/diesel engine and a battery powered motor for added power and better performance. These self-charging options use regenerative braking to charge the battery and are thus often limited in the all-electric range they offer.

      Plug-in Hybrid

      Plug-in hybrids feature a battery that holds more charge than a regular hybrid vehicle and is therefore able to offer greater all-electric range. It also complements the fuel powered engine and can be charged both at home and in public.

      Browse through our most frequently asked Hybrid and Electric questions at Drift Bridge​

      What is Mazda M Hybrid?


      Mazda M Hybrid is the manufacturer’s innovative technology that converts energy normally lost during braking into a charge for the battery via a small generator. This helps to then power the vehicle and improve efficiency.

      Will I need to drive differently?


      Hybrid models are driven in much the same way as a regular vehicle, switching almost imperceptibly from fuel power to electric. An all-electric vehicle may require more getting used to, with the lack of a clutch taking a while to get used to.

      Do electric cars cost more?


      While the purchase price of an electric car may seem steep initially, the overall cost of ownership is far better value for money than a fuel-powered model. This is due to better running costs, improved maintenance fees, and zero road tax. Plus, there are government grants available to subsidise your purchase for even better value.

      How many charging stations are there in the UK?


      At present, there are more than 35,000 charging points in over 14,000 locations throughout the UK, with petrol stations, garages, supermarkets and more all offering solutions.

      What is the Audi EV Me app?


      This smartphone app enables you to determine the suitability of switching to an electric vehicle, with the app tracking vehicle usage and comparing running costs with the Audi e-tron.

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