Car Scrappage Scheme

Trading in your old car has never been more rewarding. At Drift Bridge Group, as part of the manufacturers’ scrapping schemes, you can bring in your old pre-Euro 5 car to our Audi, Mazda and Volkswagen franchises and net great savings on purchasing a more efficient and less polluting new Euro 6 car.

As long as you have registered your car on or before the 31st of December 2009, you are eligible to bring it in (our Mazda franchises also accept petrol cars in addition to those running on diesel). Besides making great savings – up to £8000 on a new Audi Q7 e-tron – you will have more peace of mind knowing that your new car is more fuel-efficient and less polluting.

A full list of models available as part of the schemes, as well as the detailed conditions for the offers, can be seen for each brand by clicking on the logos below. Get in touch today with Drift Bridge Group or visit one of our locations if you have any enquiries and let us help find the best-suited scrappage deal for you.