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Volkswagen Scrappage Upgrade Scheme

Volkswagen UK has launched a national Scrappage Upgrade scheme to help owners of pre-Euro 5 diesel cars upgrade to lower-emission new cars.

The incentive, which will run until the end of the calendar year, is open to owners of any diesel car that complies with pre-Euro 5 emissions legislation and was registered before 2010.

Owners can trade in their existing car against a purchase of an EU6 petrol, diesel, plug-in hybrid or full electric vehicle.

All qualifying vehicles that are traded in will be permanently taken off the road and scrapped.

How will it work?

Owners of qualifying vehicles can trade in their current vehicle and receive a Scrappage Upgrade amount towards the purchase of their new Volkswagen car. The amount will not be available in conjunction with any other offers.

Who can qualify?

Customers that are eligible for the Scrappage Upgrade scheme must meet all of the following criteria:

- They must have owned their diesel pre Euro 5 car for six months or more

- The vehicle they are trading in must have been registered on or before 31 December 2009 (any make/model)

- The customer must be purchasing a new retail car.

Which models can be purchased?

All current models are available on the Scrappage Upgrade scheme with the exception of Touareg. Eligibility for new models will be announced at the time of open for ordering. The support amount will vary for each model with plug-in hybrids and full electric vehicle variants receiving an additional incentive amount versus their core equivalent.

The table below shows the support amounts which cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

ModelScrappage Upgrade saving including VAT
up! £1,800
Polo (current model) £2,800
Golf Hatch £4,000
Golf SV £4,000
Golf Estate £4,000
Touran £4,000
Tiguan £4,000
Beetle £4,000
Jetta £4,000
Scirocco £5,000
Passat Saloon £5,000
Passat Estate £5,000
Arteon £5,000
Sharan £6,000

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Full terms and conditions

Traded in vehicle
- Traded in vehicle must have been registered on or before 31 December 2009
- Traded in vehicles must have been registered in the owner’s name for at least six months

New vehicle purchase
- Must be a new Volkswagen with an EU6 engine (cannot be a used car purchase)
- Must be the same customer name as shown on the V5 of the vehicle that is being traded in
- Must be customer ordered by 31 March 2018
- Must be registered and handed over by 30 June 2018
- Scrappage Upgrade offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers. This means that this offer cannot be used alongside supported VWFS finance campaigns, target cars, order bonuses and sales-from-stock campaigns.

Scrappage offer is subject to New Car availability.