New Honda-e

in Gatwick

Introducing the new Honda e

This is no prototype

The future is now. At least, with the arrival of the exciting new Honda e, it certainly feels that way. This innovative new all-electric vehicle represents everything modern motoring should be, with dynamic performance complemented by cutting-edge intelligence and some of the most refined comfort available. The first-ever purpose-built electric vehicle from Honda, this eye-catching model incorporates some of the most futuristic innovations available, yet also calls on the heritage of the marque, evoking design features from the very first Honda Civic. The result is a model which you cannot take your eyes off.

Minimalist but measured

Retro design with futuristic features

There’s much to be said about minimalism. With the simple flowing design, uncluttered appearance, and subtle calls to the history of the Honda automotive legacy, the new Honda e makes its presence felt through the delivery of clean and refined finishes. In fact, the final appearance of the Honda e is the result of the manufacturer carefully questioning convention. Like, how can we improve aerodynamics and where should the indicators be positioned? The result is a glimpse into the future but which delivers an engaging drive for today.

Side profile of the new Honda-E in Platinum White Metallic
Brake light of the new Honda-E in Platinum White Metallic
The new Honda-E in Platinum White Metallic head on

Uncluttered but uncompromising

Escape the bustle of life

Stepping inside the new Honda e reveals a driving environment like no other. This is a cabin that has been crafted to be as spacious and uncluttered as can be. A calm and serene environment is complemented by light and airy dimensions. In fact, the overall feeling is that of a lounge, meaning you can sit back in the utmost comfort. Plus, with no centre console and a flatscreen digital dashboard offset by wood finishes, you’d be forgiven for forgetting you’re in a vehicle at all. Those in the rear will also be able to experience the utmost in comfort, with a surprising level of head and legroom on offer in a model that at first appears compact, but which offers so much more.

Safety Assured

Stay protected out on the road

Featuring Honda’s Safety Sensing suite of protective measures, you can be confident of enjoying complete protection out on the road. Cross-Traffic Monitor, Lane Keeping Assist, and Blind Spot Information systems, for example, all act in being an additional pair of eyes out on the road. The new Honda e also incorporates a number of additional measures for your peace of mind, with a Lead Car Departure Notification System alerting you to when the way ahead is clear, Collision Mitigation Throttle Control preventing sudden acceleration into traffic, and a Low Speed Brake Function to apply emergency braking automatically when driving at low speeds.

The new Honda-E dual-screen digital dashboard and steering wheel
The new Honda-E dual-screen digital dashboard

Top up with ease

Charging solutions for the Honda e

As an all-electric vehicle with a maximum range of up to 137 miles and 0-60mph acceleration of 8.3 seconds, the new Honda e more than impresses when it comes to performance. It’s also cost-efficient to charge too, with the Honda Power Charger offering both fast charging options - 31 minutes to reach 80% charge - and an auto-recovery function in the event of a power cut. On a cost-per-mile basis, the result is a model that costs a third of a regular petrol or diesel model.

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The new Honda-E in Platinum White Metallic driving at night

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