Approved Used Honda electric vehicles in Surrey and West Sussex

If you’re in the market for an affordable electric vehicle that’s cost-effective to run and produces low/zero emissions, be sure to consider our Approved Used Honda models. We have dozens of pure-electric, plug-in hybrid and self-charging examples to choose from, ensuring that a wide spectrum of motoring needs, tastes and budgets are catered for.

Want to go fully electric? The Honda e:NY1 is a terrific solution. This practical, spacious and good-to-drive crossover offers a range of up to 256 miles and 10% to 80% charging in 45 minutes (with a 78kW adapter). It’s cheap to run too, and it produces zero harmful emissions.

If you’re not yet ready to take the pure-electric plunge, we have some rather fine plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs). The CR-V e:PHEV, for instance, is capable of an all-electric range of up to 50 miles and offers noteworthy fuel efficiency while producing fewer CO2 emissions.

If you don’t wish to charge your electric vehicle (something that’s necessary with EVs and PHEVs), a HEV such as the Civic, Jazz or ZR-V offers self-charging convenience.

Please take the time to view our superb Approved Used electric and hybrid vehicles. When you find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to pay our fully refundable £99 online reservation fee.