How to Remote Start Your Honda

There are many reasons why you might want to remote start your Honda. Perhaps it’s a hot day and you want to pre-condition the cabin before you hop inside. Or, maybe it’s freezing outside, and you want a warm environment waiting for you. Whatever the case, here’s how to conduct a Honda remote start.

Most Honda remote starts are very simple. All you need to do is:

  • Press the lock button on the remote
  • Within five seconds, press and hold the remote start button. The signals will flash six times to show the engine has started
  • The engine will run for 10 minutes, but you can extend this period by repeating the start process
  • You can stop the engine remotely from running at any time by pressing the remote start button again. Signals will flash once when the vehicle stops
  • You can enter the vehicle while the engine is running
  • Make sure the vehicle is located in a well-ventilated space to avoid harmful fumes building up

That said; a number of different Honda remote starter options are available with various functionalities. These include:

  • One-way remote starter – this works from up to 600 metres from your vehicle and can also unlock the vehicle, activate the alarm and open the car boot.
  • A two-way remote starter – this allows you to start your vehicle remotely while receiving confirmation that your vehicle has indeed started. You can pop the boot open by holding the boot release button for 2.5 seconds.
A two-way LCD starter – this works from up to 1,500 metres and offers instant confirmation that the engine has started via five LED lights. You can also switch between two vehicles using just one remote in the Second Car Mode or use the Panic/Find Car option to easily relocate your vehicle.