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Why Go Electric Mazda vehicles are renowned for their style, technology and performance, with its latest range of hybrid and electric models also embracing the very best in low emissions motoring. Discover more about making the switch to electric with Drift Bridge Mazda today.

The benefits of electric

Switching to electric motoring has never been easier or more accessible than it is today, with more and more options available to drivers. There’s also the added appeal of the improved running costs of moving to electric power, with the cost-per-mile just a fraction compared to petrol or diesel prices. What’s more, you can enjoy exemption from road tax and congestion charges, and the maintenance costs are more affordable thanks to fewer moving components that can go wrong. Of course, you can also rest assured that the zero CO2 emissions being released through your motoring offers great peace of mind.

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More economical
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Cleaner on the environment
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Government grants to support buying
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Fewer mechanical issues

Types of Electric/Hybrid Vehicles Explained.



    Electric cars are powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can provide upwards of 150 miles of zero emissions motoring. Charged using either domestic or public charging points, they offer exceptionally low running costs.


    With mild hybrid options, you have the opportunity to benefit from a boost in efficiency and fuel economy thanks to the inclusion of a self-charging battery motor. This generates its charge via a technique known as regenerative braking.

    Plug-in Hybrid

    Plug-in hybrids are those models featuring a higher capacity battery motor that can run in all-electric mode for a limited range. There’s domestic and public charging solutions available to help you maximise performance of the vehicle.
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    Browse through our most frequently asked Hybrid and Electric questions at Croydon Mazda

    What is Mazda M Hybrid?


    The Mazda M Hybrid technology is the manufacturer’s own form of regenerative braking, converting energy normally lost as you’re slowing down into an electrical charge for the battery.

    Will I need to drive differently?


    Hybrid models offer a driving experience that is comparable to a regular combustion engine model. Electric cars, however, require no clutch or transmission, so may take some getting used to.

    Do electric cars cost more?


    At present, the purchase price of electric cars is more expensive than fuel counterparts. However, as more and more models come to market, the price is gradually coming down.

    How many charging stations are there in the UK?


    More than 35,000 charging points can be found throughout the UK, with more being added every day.

    What is regenerative braking?


    This is an innovative form of battery charging technology that converts energy normally lost when braking into an electrical charge for the battery.

    How long will a hybrid battery last?


    Most hybrid batteries will be able to cover up to 150,000 miles without any issues or require changing.

    Do I need to get my car services more frequently?


    No. You’ll be advised of the servicing intervals for your vehicle at the time of purchase.

    Are electric and hybrid cars less powerful?


    No. In fact, many are able to offer increased levels of torque as well as instant delivery. This makes them powerful to pull away and achieve higher speeds in quicker times.

    Are there any government grants available for hybrid and electric cars?


    Yes. Government grants help subsidise the purchase of suitable models and pay for the installation of home charging points. Liaise with a member of our sales team today for more details.

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