Mazda Motability Offers

Here at Drift Bridge, we’re thrilled to offer a wide range of high-quality new vehicles as part of the Motability Scheme from such marques as Mazda, Honda, Audi and Volkswagen. So, whether you’re looking for a compact city car or a stylish SUV, we’ve something to suit your day-to-day requirements. Be sure to browse our wide range of Motability offers today and enquire online for more information.

How does the Motability Scheme work?

The Motability Scheme is designed to keep people in receipt of a higher rate mobility allowance more mobile for as long as possible through sensible financing and vehicle moderations. The scheme allows you to put state aid towards a Motability vehicle of your choice with the most common vehicle adaptations available at no extra cost. Vehicle leases last three years and, at the end of the agreement, you simply trade your vehicle in for a new model. This ensures you always have access to a modern, safe and reliable vehicle.

Once eligibility is confirmed, it really is that simple and running costs such as insurance and breakdown cover are also taken care of. And, if you’re unable to hop behind the wheel yourself or have lost your nerve after several years off the road, you can nominate someone to do the driving for you. This doesn’t affect your Motability rights.

Talk to us today about finding a vehicle lease agreement on the Motability Scheme that suits all your requirements and is as affordable as possible. The Motability Managed Adaptions Programme may also be able to award you a sum of money towards necessary extra components such as swivel seats, wheelchair hoists, pedal modifications or steering wheel balls. Find out if your eligible and take things from there.

Motability Scheme cars available immediately

If you find a car through Drift Bridge that suits your needs through the Motability Scheme, it might be available in a number of days. If your vehicle needs modifications, however, you may have to wait a short period for these to be completed. Our staff will keep you fully up to date, keeping you in-the-know of all Motability models available.

Find out more today and take back your freedom with a Motability vehicle that’s comfortable and adapted to your individual requirements. Here at Drift Bridge, we know that everyone’s different, which is why we always take each Motability case seriously and offer the most appropriate advice possible.