Motability Adaptations

At Drift Bridge, we are aware that every Motability Customer has different needs, and the range of adaptations available with Motability cars and vans reflect this diversity. The helpful staff at Drift Bridge will be keen to offer information and recommendations on which alterations can make your vehicle as practical, safe, and comfortable as possible.

The possible adaptations made to your car fall into three main categories, which are as follows:

Access Adaptations – Being able to get in and out of a Motability car swiftly and without pain or discomfort is crucial. Adjustable swivel seats can be operated manually or electronically to enable improved access, or act as the bottom half of a wheelchair base. Electric person hoists, meanwhile, can be an alternative to a fully wheelchair-accessible vehicle.

Driving Adaptations – Changing or replacing certain instruments will ensure that your individual needs are always met so that you are able to drive safel and well. Problems with maintaining appropriate speed and acceleration can be addressed with modified pedals or wheel-mounted hand controls. Steering aids can help those who find it difficult to turn a wheel, while remote controls allow you to easily access a variety of functions.

Storage Adaptation – Loading and unloading wheelchairs or other necessary mobility aids can be problematic, as well as taking up a substantial amount of space that could be used for luggage and other passengers. A variety of hoists, as well as the fitting of tie-down points, allow effortless stowage; a rooftop box can also be used to carry wheelchairs or other items.

Wheelchair Accessible Motability Cars

For customers suffering from severe mobility problems, a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) is essential. The adaptations available through the Motability scheme ensure that a any user of the vehicle who may use a wheelchair, can enter or exit any vehicle with a minimum of delay or discomfort.

Making a car or van fully wheelchair accessible usually consists of tie-down points for the chair, and a lowered floor or raised roof to provide sufficient headroom. Smaller cars tend to have a ramp, whilst larger vehicles will often need a small lift mechanism to transport a bulkier wheelchair or other equipment.

The Motability scheme leases around 500 different, specially adapted wheelchair-accessible vehicles on a five-year lease. When selecting a WAV, it is wise to take the following factors into account before you get in touch with the conversion specialists:

  • How many people do you typically travel with?
  • What interior layout will be the most comfortable for you?
  • How much luggage do you typically take with you?
  • What is the purpose and length of most of your journeys?

Note that adapting cars to be accessible is likely to result in an increase in the Advance Payment. If you require a wheelchair-accessible vehicle but think it may be out of your price range, you may be eligible for financial assistance – see the Financial Help page of this Motability section. Our specialists will be happy to supply you with all the necessary information on WAVs, including a home demonstration of how you can gain access to the car. Contact the staff at your nearest Drift Bridge dealership for further information on how to make your Motability vehicle wheelchair-accessible.

Get in touch with your nearest Drift Bridge dealership for an assessment of your particular needs, as well as the cost of various adaptations.