Why Go Electric? Making the change from petrol or diesel power to electric is something all motorists will eventually need to do. Here at Drift Bridge, we aim to make this change as effortless as possible, providing you with all you need to know about electric and hybrid performance.

Electric and Hybrid Cars

We at Drift Bridge are proud to represent some of the automotive industry’s biggest and best names, with models from Audi, Honda, Mazda and Volkswagen available.

The benefits of buying electric

When moving away from traditional fuel-powered vehicles, you are able to benefit from a number of advantages. These range from knowing that you’re lessening your impact on the world around you with fewer CO2 emissions, to improved running costs for your motoring, with no expensive refuelling at the petrol pumps. What’s more, you can also benefit from improved maintenance costs, with electric models having fewer moving components that can cause expensive repairs.

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Cost effective and fuel efficient
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Powerful performance and instant torque
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Lower CO2 emissions
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Government grants to support buying



    Electric vehicles are those powered solely by their battery. This is recharged via a suitable charging point either at home or in public, and enables you to enjoy all-electric performance that produces zero CO2 emissions.


    Mild hybrid cars combine a battery motor with a traditional petrol or diesel engine, helping to improve fuel economy and reduce CO2 emissions. These batteries are also self charging via a process called regenerative braking.

    Plug-in Hybrid

    A higher capacity battery complements the performance of the petrol or diesel engine, and even has the ability to perform in all-electric mode for a limited range. These models require charging at a suitable outlet.

    Browse through our most frequently asked Hybrid and Electric questions at Drift Bridge​

    What is Mazda M Hybrid?


    The Mazda M Hybrid system is the manufacturer’s own technology for converting energy normally lost during braking into an electrical charge for the battery. This is akin to the regenerative braking system found in mild hybrid models.

    Will I need to drive differently?


    All-electric vehicles may take some getting used to, since they require no transmission and produce instant torque. Driving a hybrid, meanwhile, feels no different to a regular model, as it switches to all-electric mode almost imperceptibly.

    Do electric cars cost more?


    At present, the cost of purchasing an electric car is more expensive than a petrol or diesel model. However, as more vehicles are being introduced to the market, the associated costs are becoming more affordable.

    How many charging stations are there in the UK?


    More than 35,000 charging points - found in over 14,000 locations - across the UK are available, meaning you’re never far from a suitable outlet.

    What is the Audi EV Me app?


    The Audi EV Me app enables you to calculate the benefits of switching to an electric vehicle, with the app able to track your current usage for comparison to the Audi e-tron model.

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