Value Your Vehicle with Drift Bridge Audi

Find out how much your car is worth using our free valuation tool. It works within a matter of minutes to give you an accurate picture of how much you could get for your car if you were to sell it.

The tool is simple and easy to use as it follows a step-by-step process. Start with putting in your car’s registration number and then adding your mileage. It will then ask for a few personal details which allows our professional sales team to get in touch. While there is no obligation to buy through us once you’ve used this tool, our team will want to discuss options with you.

You can rest assured that the tool uses independent data to generate a figure. It means that the valuation is authentic and as accurate as it can be without assessing the current condition of your car. Do bear in mind that when a technician looks over your car the figure may change slightly, based on its actual condition and performance.

By getting your car valued, you are in a strong position to negotiate a part-exchange deal. At Drift Bridge Audi, we will happily take your car off your hands if you would like to sell it. You can put the money towards a new Audi, and drive away without the stress of trying to sell your existing car.

Once you’ve used the tool, browse our range of new and used Audi cars to see what you might like to drive next.