Honda Electric Vehicles

Honda is widely renowned for developing innovative and stylish passenger vehicles that embrace the very best in automotive technology. As such, you can enjoy choosing from a range of electric and hybrid models from this acclaimed manufacturer.

Making the move to electric motoring is a big step for all motorists, but there is no reason to fear this change. In fact, the range of benefits ensures that making the change is more appealing than you might expect, with running costs more affordable than ever, and the lack of CO2 emissions meaning you will be exempt from many road tax charges and congestion fees. Plus, there’s the peace of mind of knowing that you’re reducing your impact on the world around you, and having fewer mechanical issues that can go wrong and cause costly repairs.

More economical
Cleaner on the environment
Government grants to support buying
Fewer mechanical issues

Types of Electric/Hybrid Vehicles Explained.



    All-electric cars are those which run on battery power alone, and which need charging at a suitable outlet point either at home or in public. There are zero CO2 emissions and the running costs are a fraction of traditional fuel power.


    Mild hybrid cars are able to combine a traditional petrol or diesel engine with a self-charging battery motor that maximises efficiency. These batteries charge through a process known as regenerative braking and do not need plugging in.

    Plug-in Hybrid

    A plug-in hybrid comes with a petrol/diesel engine and a battery powered motor capable of running in all-electric mode for a limited range. It also switches between power sources almost imperceptibly and offers great running costs.
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