How to Update Honda CRV Sat Nav

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Updating a Honda CR-V Sat-Nav

The Honda CR-V satellite navigation system is an elegantly crafted yet highly powerful piece of equipment that makes modern driving a breeze. Whether you’re heading off on an adventure, visiting friends or commuting to a new place of work, the CR-V’s navigation provides detailed maps and information on how to get there in style – without making any wrong turns.

Of course, roads change all the time meaning you’ll need to update the technology regularly in order to get the latest navigation at your fingertips. We recommend a software reboot at least once a year to help you stay on track. So, here’s a quick and simple step-by-step guide of how to update a Honda CR-V satellite navigation system:

Step 1: Check annually

Honda Navigation System Updates are released annually and are currently available in DVD format. You’ll need to purchase the latest disc version before following the installation process.

Step 2: Insert the disc

Once you have the DVD, turn on the ignition to boot up the navigation. Keep the engine running at all times. Eject the old disc before inserting the new disc. The satellite navigation screen will then ask you if you want to install new map updates. Click “Yes” to proceed.

Step 3: Key in the ID number

When prompted, enter your unique customer identification and serial number. This can be found on the DVD packaging, so be sure to keep this nearby and don’t accidentally throw it away. The new map updates will take about 20 minutes to load.

Step 4: Enjoy hassle-free driving

You’re done. Hop behind the wheel and enjoy the very latest in navigation technology guaranteed to get you from A to B by the fastest possible route. Remember to make a note of your latest installation date to be sure you stay on top of updates.