How does the Motability work?

Access to the Motability scheme gives you (or nominated drivers) the right to put some or all of your state aid toward the cost of a three-year lease on a car of your choice. The monthly cost of these agreements also include a range of other services, including comprehensive insurance from RSA Mobility, breakdown assistance, servicing and repairs for all components (including tyres and windscreens), and Vehicle Excise Duty. Most common vehicle adaptions are included at no extra cost*, and at the end of the agreement you can simply trade in your car for a new model.

Your Motability Allowance alone may well be enough to meet the monthly repayments on some less expensive models in our Audi, Mazda and Volkswagen ranges. Others will require an Advance Payment, which is calculated according to the expected servicing, maintenance and insurance costs of the vehicle as well as its original price and expected resale value at the end of the leasing period. Advance Payments for different models are reassessed every three months; however, your order will not be affected if the standard Advance Payment on your chosen model changes between the date when you sign the contract and the date of delivery.

The skilled professionals at our locations in Surrey and Croydon will be able to inform you of the strengths of each vehicle in our range, and how well each would meet your specific needs.

Motability Car Deals & Financial Help

Despite the advances made in recent decades, a third of people eligible for Motability allowance under 25 still live on low incomes. Unlimited access to a convenient means of transportation is crucial to ensuring comfort, independence and dignity, particularly in areas of the country where the public transport infrastructure is inadequate for those who require adaptations to ease travel.

The funding necessary to use a motor car in the first place, however, can be difficult to come by – even when you put the entirety of your DLA, PIP, WPMS or AFIP payments toward a new car. One of these payments might be the only way in which you can afford something even more important (such as food or heating), or you may require an adaptation that needs an Advance Payment, such as wheelchair accessibility. Motability scheme offers advice and various types of assistance to potential customers who doubt that their income will stretch to a car – Drift Bridge may well be able to offer you some flexibility in the terms of your lease.

The Motability specialists at our Croydon, Epsom, and Walton-on-Thames dealerships can recommend certain models or specifications that would meet all your requirements whilst still being affordable. If you are an existing customer, we can also extend the lease on your vehicle, thereby reducing the monthly cost.

Alternatively, the scheme may be able to provide you with the necessary financial assistance to afford your vehicle's Advance Payment, or driving lessons. The Motability Managed Adaptations Programme (MMAP) can also award you a sum of money towards necessary extra components such as swivel seats, wheelchair hoists, pedal modifications or steering wheel balls. Former Armed Forces personnel could also apply for financial help from the Service Personnel and Veterans' Agency.

If you believe you might be entitled to financial assistance in leasing a Motability car or associated services, get in touch with the experienced specialists at any Drift Bridge dealership.