Meet Our Motability Specialists

When you visit the Drift Bridge dealerships in Croydon, Epsom and Walton-on-Thames as a Motability customer, you are assured of excellent service. The staff at each location includes a dedicated Motability specialist with a thorough knowledge of the scheme, who will discuss your specific requirements as a customer and make appropriate recommendations on eligibility, administrative procedures, financing your new vehicle, accessibility, and more.

At Drift Bridge we have been involved with Motability for over a decade, and in that time our advisers have accumulated a great deal of practical experience relating to the scheme and the needs of our customers. Although the Motability specialists at our dealerships are particularly well-versed in the relevant details, all of our sales staff have received accreditation from the scheme after completing a Motability course as well as extensive online training. You can always, therefore, be sure of speaking to a knowledgeable member of staff who understands your needs, even if a specialist is unavailable when you contact us.

The Motability advisers at each of our dealerships are listed below. Contact our showrooms in Surrey or South London to book an appointment with our scheme specialists, or for queries about any aspect of Motability.

Our Audi Team

Epsom Audi

Conrad Black -

Millie Aylward -

Lim Wong -

Walton Audi

Tony Di Gregorio -

James Hunt -

Our Volkswagen Team


Desiree Benardis -
James Geldenhuys -
Sam Hale -

Our Mazda Team

Croydon Mazda

Roman Browne -

Liam Taylor -

Roy Taylor -

Our Honda Team

Redhill Honda

Chris Stone -

Gatwick Honda

Maurice Connolly -

Mike Moore -

Stuart Leaney -

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