Why Go Electric? At Drift Bridge Audi in Epsom and Walton-on-Thames, we’re dedicated to helping you make the change from petrol or diesel power to electric. Learn more about how to make the change today and the models we have available.

The Hybrid & Electric range at Drift Bridge Audi

Audi’s lineup of vehicles is always among the very best in the industry, with cutting-edge technology, exceptional design, and impressive comfort standard across the range. Now, the German manufacturer is able to provide a selection of electric and hybrid models that offer better economy and cleaner performance than ever before.


    Audi A8

    The premium and executive quality of the new Audi A8 is now complemented by a responsive hybrid engine edition. Learn More

    Audi Q5

    The family friendly Audi Q5 is a smart and comfortable SUV that also provides exceptional fuel economy in hybrid edition. Learn More

    Audi Q7

    Enjoy cleaner, more economical motoring with the hybrid iteration of the capable and smart new Audi Q7. Learn More

    Audi Q8

    With luxurious comfort and cutting-edge technology, the new Audi Q8 is a hybrid vehicle that ticks all the boxes. Learn More

    Audi A7

    Great refinement combines with fuel efficient and economical performance in the Audi A6 hybrid iteration. Learn More

    Audi A6

    Take advantage of the sleek and sophisticated Audi A6 and enjoy economical and efficient performance with the new hybrid edition. Learn More

    Audi A3

    One of the most popular and capable hatchbacks around, the new Audi A3 is now available in efficient hybrid iteration. Learn More

    Audi E-Tron

    The very first all-electric model from Audi, the new Audi e-tron is a highly desirable SUV that provides a range of 204 miles. Learn More

    The benefits of buying electric

    Making the switch to all-electric or hybrid motoring brings many advantages. Not only are you playing an important role in reducing the CO2 emissions that have a harmful effect on the environment, but you are also benefiting from more economical and efficient performance. What’s more, with fewer moving components than are found in a traditional combustion engine, maintenance costs are more affordable, while road tax is often free. Plus, there are government grants available to help fund your purchase, making buying more affordable than you might expect.

    Key benefits

    • Cheaper to run
    • Easier to maintain
    • Cleaner performance
    • Government grants to subsidise purchasing



      All-electric models are able to run entirely from battery power. The lithium-ion battery will be charged from a suitable charging point either at home or in public, and offers emissions free, economical performance as standard.


      Self-charging hybrid technology enables a vehicle to convert the energy normally lost through braking into an electrical charge for the battery. This battery then provides added power to the vehicle and can often offer a limited range of all-electric motoring.

      Plug-in Hybrid

      A plug-in hybrid requires the battery to be charged at a suitable charging point either at home or in public. With a higher capacity than a self-charging hybrid, such a vehicle can provide greater all-electric range and switches between electric and fuel power.

      Got a Question? 

      Browse through our most frequently asked Hybrid and Electric questions at Drift Bridge​ Audi

      What is the Audi EV&me app?


      This intelligent smartphone app lets you determine the suitability of switching to an all-electric Audi e-tron model by analysing your current driving habits and comparing to the model.

      What is regenerative braking?


      This innovative technology is able to convert the energy normally lost through braking into an electrical charge for the lithium-ion battery in your vehicle.

      How long will a hybrid battery last?


      Batteries are designed to last for up to 100,000 miles as a minimum. However, many will be able to exceed this figure and achieve 150,000 miles before they need replacing.

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