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Why Go Electric? As one of the world’s most popular and refined carmakers, Audi is embracing the advances in electric and hybrid engine technology to provide a range of models that offer exceptional performance. At Drift Bridge Audi, we’re delighted to help you make the switch to electric motoring today.

The Hybrid & Electric range at Drift Bridge Audi

The Audi lineup is always one of the most popular among motoring aficionados, with its premium quality complemented by cutting edge technology and incredible levels of comfort. Discover more about the electric and hybrid models now available from the marque.


    Audi A8

    The premium and executive quality of the new Audi A8 is now complemented by a responsive hybrid engine edition. Learn More

    Audi Q5

    The family friendly Audi Q5 is a smart and comfortable SUV that also provides exceptional fuel economy in hybrid edition. Learn More

    Audi Q7

    Enjoy cleaner, more economical motoring with the hybrid iteration of the capable and smart new Audi Q7.

    Learn More

    Audi Q8

    With luxurious comfort and cutting-edge technology, the new Audi Q8 is a hybrid vehicle that ticks all the boxes.

    Learn More

    Audi A7

    Great refinement combines with fuel efficient and economical performance in the Audi A6 hybrid iteration.

    Learn More

    Audi E-Tron

    The very first all-electric model from Audi, the new Audi e-tron is a highly desirable SUV that provides a range of 204 miles. Learn More

    The benefits of buying electric

    Moving from petrol or diesel power to electric is a major step for motorists, but is one that offers many advantages. By opting to make the change, you will be able to benefit from improved fuel economy and lower running costs, with the cost-per-mile a fraction of the cost of a traditional combustion engine. In addition, there’s no harmful CO2 emissions being released into the atmosphere, while the fewer moving components than found in a combustion engine mean that maintenance costs are more affordable too.

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    Cheaper to run
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    Cheaper to run
    Black and red illustration of an car and charger
    Cleaner performance
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    Government grants tosubsidise purchasing

    Types of Electric/Hybrid Vehicles Explained.



      All-electric models are those vehicles that are powered solely by battery power. They emit no CO2 emissions for cleaner motoring, while the running costs are more affordable compared to petrol/diesel power.


      Mild hybrid vehicles feature a traditional combustion engine as well as a high-powered battery that helps boost performance. The battery charges via regenerative braking technology, and helps the vehicle to boost fuel efficiency.

      Plug-in Hybrid

      As the name suggests, these models require charging via a suitable outlet in order for the high-capacity battery motor to operate. However, such models are capable of a limited all-electric range of zero CO2 emissions.
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      Charging Points To find charging points near you, click on Find Out More and enter your postcode, town, or city Find Out More

      Browse through our most frequently asked Hybrid and Electric questions

      What is the Audi EV&me app?


      Audi’s intelligent EV&me app enables you to interact with your current motoring to determine the suitability of switching to electric power. This app analyses your driving practices and compares to the running costs of the Audi e-tron.

      What is regenerative braking?


      Regenerative braking technology is an innovative solution that converts the energy normally lost during braking into an electrical charge for the battery in your vehicle.

      How long will a hybrid battery last?


      Hybrid batteries are designed to cover 100,000 miles as a minimum, with many able to comfortably last for 150,000 miles.

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