Audi Connect

Stay connected and informed with Audi connect, a smart, sophisticated infotainment system designed to meet your every need. Created with efficiency and user experience in mind, the Audi Connect system boasts many standout features. These include:

In-Car Wi-Fi

Connecting to the internet is a breeze with in-car Wi-Fi turning your vehicle into a hotspot for up to eight devices.

Social Channels

Receive Twitter updates on-the-go so you’re never out of the loop. You can also hear tweets, text and news in audio form, meaning you’re not distracted when driving.

Google Maps

Using Google Earth, Audi connect delivers a highly capable, high resolution satellite navigation system, allowing you to avoid traffic jams and get from A to B with ease.

Fuel Prices

Audi connect’s online database will give you access to fuel stations offering the very best prices. Why waste money with the latest information at your fingertips?

Audi Music Stream

Download the Audi MMI connect app to access and stream all the top music from your phone. Enjoy a personalised driving experience as well as access to the radio.


The weather can affect your travel plans. But with Audi connect you can plan in advance with the daily or three-day weather forecast option.

Traffic Updates

Sitting in a traffic jam is the last thing you need after a busy day. With Traffic Updates you can avoid congestion and enjoy a smooth journey every time you hop behind the wheel.

Parking Information

Wondering where to park? Audi connect’s parking feature makes it easier than ever to look for empty spaces and multi-storey car parks, meaning there’s no need to drive around searching for those elusive parking spots.

You can also link the system to your myAudi account to benefit further. Find out more by chatting to our Drift Bridge Audi team.