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Electric explained The automotive industry is forever evolving, and the next big step is to move everyone to driving electric vehicles. At Drift Bridge Volkswagen, we want to be able to help make this transition as easy and effortless as possible. Find out more about making the switch today.

The benefits of buying electric

There’s many reasons for making the switch to electric power, with the most obvious relating to lower CO2 emissions and improved running costs. With exemption from road tax and congestion charges, as well as fewer maintenance issues thanks to electric engines containing fewer moving parts, you can also look forward to more affordable costs all round. With government grants available to subsidise purchasing and home charging solutions, there’s value to be found in switching to electric.

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Improved running costs
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Fewer maintenance issues
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Cleaner performance
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Government grants tosubsidise purchasing

Types of Electric/Hybrid Vehicles Explained.



    All-electric cars are those powered by a lithium-ion battery that gets its charge from a suitable charging point. There are no CO2 emissions when driving an electric car, and running costs are a fraction of the cost of petrol/diesel.


    Through an innovative process known as regenerative braking, mild hybrid vehicles are self charging and able to provide an added boost to performance, improving fuel efficiency and making running costs more affordable.

    Plug-in Hybrid

    As the name suggests, plug-in hybrids require their battery to be charged via a suitable outlet. This then enables the higher capacity battery to provide a limited all-electric range alongside improved fuel economy when in fuel mode.

    Got a Question?

    Browse through our most frequently asked Hybrid and Electric questions at Drift Bridge Volkswagen

    Will I need to drive differently?


    Hybrid vehicles drive much the same as regular fuel-powered models, switching between modes imperceptibly. An electric car, however, requires no clutch or transmission and thus may take some time to become accustomed to.

    Do electric cars cost more?


    When it comes to purchasing, electric cars are currently more expensive than petrol/diesel options. However, as demand and availability grow, the purchasing prices will continue to decrease.

    How many charging stations are there in the UK?


    At present, you can take advantage of more than 35,000 charging stations throughout the UK, with more being added regularly.

    What is regenerative braking?


    Regenerative braking is a process that converts energy normally lost when braking into an electrical charge for the battery.

    How long will a hybrid battery last?


    The majority of hybrid batteries are designed to be able to cover 150,000 miles without issue.

    Do I need to get my car serviced more frequently?


    Service intervals for hybrid and electric cars are much the same as traditional fuel models. You will be advised of the schedule at the time of purchase.

    Are electric and hybrid cars less powerful?


    In many instances, electric and hybrid models are actually more powerful. Plus, the delivery of torque is instant, meaning you will pull away like never before.

    Are there any government grants available for hybrid and electric cars?


    Yes. You can obtain a grant to help make purchasing more affordable, and seek funding for the installation of a charging point at home. Speak to our team of sales experts for more details.

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