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Volkswagen owners can benefit from expert care and support by choosing a suitable service interval plan for their vehicle. There are two main types of service schedule:

Volkswagen Fixed Service

This type of servicing is highly recommended for Volkswagen drivers who cover fewer than 10,000 miles each year*. It's also suited to those who:

  1. Accelerate and brake heavily
  2. Make regular 'cold starts' of the engine
  3. Regularly need to tow and carry heavier luggage loads
  4. Make frequent hill climbs
  5. Drive with their revs at a consistently high rate

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Flexible service (LongLife servicing)

Volkswagen suggests that more flexible servicing could benefit drivers who typically clock up more than 25 miles every single day*, and/or who:

  1. Make regular long-distance journeys
  2. Drive at constant speeds, such as on the motorway with cruise control
  3. Tow, load and carry on a very infrequent basis

One of the key points of the flexible plan is that newer, advanced Volkswagen engines can monitor the oil level for you and suggest the best times for top-ups and changes.
This is usually up to a maximum interval of either two years or 18,000 miles.

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The timescales for both fixed and flexible servicing plans can be confirmed with your nearest authorised Volkswagen dealership. In Epsom, Surrey, the name you can trust is Drift Bridge Volkswagen.

You're always guaranteed specialist service and the best possible Volkswagen care when you come to Drift Bridge. Book a service online or by phone, and discuss your requirements with one of our service centre technicians.

*All mileage guidelines from Volkswagen are approximate, as the manufacturer's systems typically use kilometres